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Favorite TV show results

The winner is The Naked Brothers Band, runners up are Hannah Montana and iCarly.

Favorite Actor Results

The winner is Miley Cyrus, runners up are Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron.  Sorry for Corbin Bleu and Nat Wolff that didn't get any votes.  Maybe next time!

Favorite Song Results

The winners are "Low" Flo Rida, "Wine Up" Kat DeLuna, "Teardrops on my Guitar" Taylor Swift, and "Cruela De Vil" Selena Gomaz.  Sorry for "Nobody's Perfect" Hannah Montana that didn't get any votes.

Favorite Movie Results

The winner is Step Up 2 the Streets, and the runner up is Beowulf.  Sorry to the rest of the movies that didn't get any votes.

Favorite Theme Song Results

The winner is Wizards of Waverly Place (Everything is Not What it Seems).  The Runner up is iCarly.  All of the other shows unfortunatlly didn't get any votes.

Favorite Website Results

The winner is, thankfully, my website!  The runner up is www.webkinz.com.  The rest of the websites didn't get any votes. 

Favorite Stores Results

The winner is Abercrombie and Limited Too.  All of the other stores didn't get any results.

Favorite Song

The winner is Love Song.  The rest of the songs didn't get any votes.

Favorite Actor Results

The winner is Jason Dolley!

Favorite Color Results

Black = 50%

Orange =25%

Blue = 25%

Black wins and all of the other colors got no votes.

Favortie Place to go Results

Abercormbie = 28.6%

Abercormbie and Finch = 42.9%

Claires = 14.3%

Limited Too = 14.3%

Favorite Car


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