July 6, 2008 07/06/2008

This Week has been pretty fun.  My friend came over almost everyday, and we went to see Hancok which was really good, and yesterday we went to see the 4th of July Fireworks!  It was a pretty cool week all together.  And to top it all of I'm going to see two more movies this week also!  So if this week is like all of the rest of the weeks in sumer, this will be a pretty awsome summer all together!  So I'm just starting to figure out all of my pool party plans this week.  It's gonna be so cool!  Well that's about it for this week.  Talk to you guys later.  Bye!


June 26, 2008 06/26/2008

Hey again sorry i havn't been writing latly but I've just been so happy that schools finally out! i am like not doing anything this summer exept having a pool party but that's it.  Which is actually perfectlly fine with me cause we don't have to go to school.  The only thing that I hate about summer is the stupid summer reading list we have to read 2 books and then write a summery on both, so i guess it's not going to be hard but it still is going to get in the way of my summer time.  Well that's about it for now.  Bye!


June 13, 2008 06/13/2008

Hey Everybody!  I'm so happy that we are almost out of school!  Just one more week to go!  The only good thing about next week is that we get to have feild day on Monday and everyday other than Tuesday is a half day which is pretty cool!  I really don't have any plans for this summer but I'm pretty sure that it is still gonna be awsome!  Well that's about it for today.  Bye!


June 7, 2008 06/07/2008

Hey Guys!  I'm really sorry that I havn't been able to go on and post blog stuff for like a month but I will probably be able to go on a lot more often cause school will be ending soon so I will have a lot of time on my hands.  Well anyway we are finally done with basketball, I love it but I'm really glad that it is over for the summer.  Well we only have 10 days left of school until summer vacation.  I am so happy!  Only 2 more weeks of school and then I'm free!  Well this summer I am having a pool party and it is going to be wicked fun!  I can't wait till the end of the school year!  Well that's about it for now.  Bye!


May 21, 2008 05/21/2008

Hey Everybody!  I know it's been a lond time sense I've gone on and updated but I have been really busy with basketball and school stuff.  Well we've played all of the teams and we havn't won one game.  It totally bites!  Well school just seems to be getting harder everyday!  Well at least yesterday we went to Boston on a school feild trip.  IT WAS AWSOME!  The coach bus was so cool even though we didn't have a movie or anything but it was still fun to have all of people's electronics there.  We went to the Boston Science Museum, and then we went on a duck tour.   Some of the kids in school got to drive the boat and one of the kids that nobody likes drove and almost made us crash!  He is so weird!  Well other than that awfull driving experience the trip was really fun!  We were suposed to learn something on the trip and the thing that I learned was that feild trips are so much fun when you get to miss school!  Well that was about it for the feild trip.  Tomorrow my grandparents are coming back from Florida so we are having dinner with them.  I get to miss my basketball game thought so that's a plus!  I can't wait till Friday!  The last school dance is on Friday and I know that it is going to be the best out of all of them!  I really hope that all of my friends get to go this time cause some of my friends havn't been able to go the last few times.  So they better come on Friday!  Well that's about it for the update on things.  Bye!

May 9, 2008 05/09/2008

Sorry I havn't been able to go on my blog in a while, I've been really busy with basketball and school, and stuff like that.  Well I'm really glad that today is Friday!  I just got back from my friends house from working on our project. We had another basketball game last night and we lost, AGAIN!  We havn't won 1 stupid game yet!  Well that's about it for today.  Bye!


April 28, 2008 04/28/2008

Today was such a boring Monday.  We worked on our Spanish project which is thankfully coming along really good!  And in Social Studies we worked on our other Argentina prodject which thanfully we get to work on it every class until it is due which is next week.  So that is about the biggest part of the day.  Bye!


April 26, 2008 04/26/2008

Yesterday at the dance was so much fun!  Unfortunatlly one of my best friends wasn't there but I still had a fun time.  Me and my parents are cleaning out the atic because we are renting it upstairs to my big brother and his friend.  Well at least I don't need to do that much work.  Well that's about it for today.  Bye!


April 25, 2008 04/25/2008

Today was pretty cool.  I mean Fridays are acyualy always cool cause, well it's Friday!  So we have a dance tonight but a lot of my friends aren't going.  But I am still definetly going though, cause it's still wicked fun at the school dances.  Well that is about it for today, I can't wait till the dance!  Bye!


April 24, 2008 04/24/2008

I am like so sorry that I havn't been writing on my site or updating at al this past week, but when that happens it's normally because I'm really busy, which I was, or I'm having a real lot of fun!  Well so this week was kinda normal.  We had a basketball game on Monday, but we lost by so many points!  On Tuesday I went over my friends house which was fun.  Yesterday we had a basketball practice.  Today was bring your daughter to work day so I went to my dad's ork and then I stayed home to watch the twins sense my mom daycares so that is her job which was fun.  Well that's about it for today.  Bye!