Do you stick with your friends, or are you a loner?

1)Would you rather:
     A)Study at school with your friends

     B)Ditch your friends and go by something cool for the next dance

2)It's your birthday, you friend made you a very ugly sweater, would you rather:

     A)Keep it because your friend made it just for you

     B)Say thanks and hope you can get a good price for it on Ebay

3)This really cute guy/girl asked you if you wanted to got to the mall with him/her, but you already had plans with your friends to go and grab a bite to eat, would you rather:

     A)Tell him/her that you already have plans but maybe next time

     B)Tell your friends that you think your coming down with a cold, a have to bail

4)Some of the popular girls were ditching school on Monday and they asked you to join them.  Your friends think it's a bad idea, would you rather:

     A)Take your friends advice and go to school

     B)Ditch school so you can hang out with the popular kids and miss that history test coming up

5)A group of bullies are picking on one of your best friends,  do you:

     A)Speak up to defend your friend

     B)Blow your friend off, I don't want to get involved 

If you got mostly A's, you stick with your best friends

If you got mostly B's, you really are an independent person

E-mail me your results. 

The results of the Weekly Quiz is mostly A's.     

Are you stickin with the girls, or are you chillin with the guys?

1)The mall is having a huge sale, and the Yankees and the Red Soxs are at the world series and you could go.  Would you rather:

     A)Go to the sale and get a totally cute outfit for the next dance

     B)Who cares about clothes the game is gonna be awesome

2)Your crush comes up to you in the hall way.  Do you:

    A)Act shy and akward

    B)Just be yourself and ask him when the next game is

3)You want to do Basketball and Cheerleading, but you can't do both.  Would you rather try out for:



4)Some kid at school dared you to eat a worm.  Would you:

    A)Say thats grouss and be disgusted for the rest of the day

    B)Take the dare so you don't look like a wimp

5)The nerd in school asked you to go to the school dance.  Would you rather:

     A)Call him a freak and yell no in his face

     B)Say that you'll go with him as a friend because your not into the whole dating thing


If you got mostly A's, you are a girly girl for life

If you got mostly B's, you stick with the boys

E-Mail me your results.

The results are tyed!

Are you a glamour queen, or are you a geeky teen?

1)There is a big sale on everything in the mall.  And there is a big theory on how the dinasours became exstinct at the same time at the science musuem.  Would you rather:

    A)Go to the mall, clothes are awsome!

    B)Go to the science musuem.  I have enough clothes.

2)Your final exams are tomorrow.  Would you rather:

     A)Forget about the finals, there is gonna be a huge party!

     B)Get down to the books.  I want to keep my straight A average!

3)You get an invite to the coolest party of the year.  And there's an end of the year science club party.  Would you rather:

    A)Go to the party.  I don't want to miss this!

    B)Got to stick with my science club!

4)There is a contest and if you figure out how many jelly beans are in the jar you win them and a trip to Florida!  Would you rather:

    A)Just guess and hope that you win that trip to Florida.

    B)Make an educated guess and be almost positive that you will win.

5)You want to split a piece of pizza with one of your friends.  Would you rather:

     A)Just guess about the right amount.

     B)Use the metric system and cut the pizza exactly the way you want.

If you got mostly A's, your a glamour queen.

if you got mostly B's, your a geeky teen.

E-Mail me your results. 

The results are glamour queen!

Are you friendly to the animals, or are you a "Cruela De Vil?"

1)There's a kitten stuck in a tree and your gonna be late for school, what would you do:

     A)At least call the fire station so the kitten is safe and you get to go to school on time.

     B)Just ignore it, I don't want to be late for school!

2)There's a sign that says free puppies, would you rather:

     A)Pick out a very cute puppy and give it a great home.

     B)Walk by and ignore them, who needs a messy puppy in my house!

3)You see a dog with a collar on wondering around in the streets, would you rather:

     A)Take it home and put up flyers so the dog will be found.

     B)Walk by it and pray that it isn't vicious.

4)You need to finish your service hours for school, you see that a pet store needs help, would you rather:

     A)Walk in and volunteer for free.

     B)Forget that!  I'd rather get an F!

5)You were invited to the biggest party of the school year but there are a lot of animals in that house, would you rather:

     A)Go to the party, I can't wait to see the animals!

     B)Don't go to the party, I have better things to do!

If you got mostly A's you're friendly to the animals.

If you got mostly B's you're a "Crueila De Vil."

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