Welcome to Syd'sCorner.com!

Welcome to Syd'sCorner.com!  Here you will find the latest gossip.  There will also be a Weekly Pole.  You can get advice from the Ask Syd advice column.  Find what you future holds with the Syd's Corner horriscopes, and much, much more.  Hope you enjoy Syd'sCorner.com!   


I'm sorry that I had to change my background but i needed to be able to add more pages witch I couldn't with my old background.  So I hope you still enjoy!

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I need ides for the weekly pole and contests.  If you have an idea make sure that you give it to me so I can use it on my website.  Thanks!

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50th Day

To celabrate my 50th day of Syds Corner on March 30, I have to decided to put a new song of the week.  I will start with my favorite song by Nick Lachey by my favorite singer, "What's Left of Me."  When the week is over I will take it off, put it on the videos page, and add a new song of the week.

Next is "No Air" By Jordan Sparks

These songs go out to some of my best friends that requested these songs.  I love you guys!

Whats that a Hat?

The Bone Dance