April 24, 2008 04/24/2008

I am like so sorry that I havn't been writing on my site or updating at al this past week, but when that happens it's normally because I'm really busy, which I was, or I'm having a real lot of fun!  Well so this week was kinda normal.  We had a basketball game on Monday, but we lost by so many points!  On Tuesday I went over my friends house which was fun.  Yesterday we had a basketball practice.  Today was bring your daughter to work day so I went to my dad's ork and then I stayed home to watch the twins sense my mom daycares so that is her job which was fun.  Well that's about it for today.  Bye!





Thu, 24 Apr 2008 14:32:28

You didn't miss alot in school today but I missed you!!!!! And Jessica if you are on Syds site and reading this school isn't fun without you two there. I missed you guys. See ya guys at school and I love you two!!!!!

Love ya!


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